Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Diamant, Steven CYA A331a
Diamant, Steven
Ozturk, Huseyin CYA A331b
Ozturk, Huseyin
Pitt, Robert CYA A361
Pitt, Robert
Stewart, Anne CYA A362 & R332
Stewart, Anne
Kotoula, Dimitra CYA A364 & H359
Kotoula, Dimitra
Papadopoulos, Angelos CYA A372
Papadopoulos, Angelos
Kritsotakis, Demetrios C202 CYA C202
Kritsotakis, Demetrios
Harris, Edward CYA C305
Harris, Edward
Kritsotakis, Demetrios C312 CYA C312
Kritsotakis, Demetrios
Kamaras, Demetris CYA Co346
Kamaras, Demetris
Placas, Aimee CYA E333, E356 & E/S357
Placas, Aimee
Christopoulou/Marangou/Papaconstantinou CYA G350
Christopoulou, Ioli
Marangou, Panagiota
Papaconstantinou, Costas
Gandolfo, Romolo - HS339 CYA H/S339
Gandolfo, Romolo
Karavas John, H355 CYA H355
Karavas, John
Karavas, John - H356 CYA H356
Karavas, John
Karpozilos, Kostis CYA H365
Karpozilos, Kostis
Kitroeff, Alexander CYA H366
Kitroeff, Alexander
Karavas, John - H368 CYA H368
Karavas, John
Kritsotakis, Demetrios L351 CYA L351
Kritsotakis, Demetrios
Mylonaki, Evgenia CYA P & B/P
Mylonaki, Evgenia
Iosif, Despina CYA R350 & R365
Iosif, Despina
Panagiotou, Ritsa CYA S/Ec326 & S363
Panagiotou, Ritsa
Gandolfo, Romolo - S348 CYA S348
Gandolfo, Romolo
Chatzikonstantinou, Evangelia CYA U/G370
Chatzikonstantinou, Evangelia
Vidali, Maria CYA U371
Vidali, Maria
University of Chicago CYA UoC On Reserve for University of Chicago Students
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